Thursday, July 19, 2012

Did he really just say that?

If you are a Minnesota sports fan, and particularly a Vikings fan, you have to cringe each time you hear a guarantee of any sort uttered from the mouths of team personnel—like a gunshot fired next to your eardrum.

That is why a collective gasp could be heard across Skol Nation this week when it read Vikings offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave state that his offense was now equipped "to get rolling."
"This is exciting," Musgrave said. "We're going to be just fine offensively. I have no doubts about that. We're going to get rolling."

Albeit everyone should agree that there is a reasonable expectation that the offense will be better this year under the second-year coordinator, Musgrave's comment is a bit of a mnemonic of Brad Childress's infamous peroration about his "kick ass offense" minus the "if executed properly."

This, more than likely, is the reason why Bill Bilichick does not permit his assistant coaches to fraternize with the media:  If the offense does not improve under Musgrave — whose offense a season ago drew similar comparisons to the aforesaid "KOA" — there really will not be any excuses available to proffer since the OC himself is on record touting an expected improvement.

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  1. Well its on him now. Good luck.