Friday, May 4, 2012

Media like Vikings chances... of getting No. 1 pick

So, here we are but a week removed from last week's 2012 NFL Draft and already the "pundits" are starting in on the 2013 draft. Well, actually they started in on next year's selection extravaganza 10 minutes after the Indianapolis Colts drafted Mr. Irrelevant. Which players are looking like top picks is but a fraction of the conversations being had on the topic. Additionally, what teams stand the best chance of perching themselves atop the draft board come this time next off-season is a subject the Vikings are finding themselves in more than they would care for.

In a article, five analysts were asked who they believe will stake claim to the number one overall pick next season. Two of the five seemingly relished in the notion that the Vikings would earn the top spot, while a third -- Steve Wyche -- decided to let the Vikes off the hook by opining that the Browns would edge them out for the number one selection.
Dave Dameshek -- one of the two having pegged the Vikings as the frontrunner to number one -- attacked Vikings GM Rick Spielman for having selected Matt Kalil over LSU cornerback Morris Clairborne, writing that "protecting the quarterback's blindside is important, but providing premium protection for the thoroughly mediocre Christian Ponder is like installing a $50,000 car alarm in your used Kia Sorrento" Not a fan of Christain Ponder, are we Dave?

Jason Smith -- who astonishingly does not seem the least bit embarrassed about sharing the same name with the St. Louis Rams' left tackle bust -- also chose the Vikings to land the top pick while wrangling the stadium debate into his reply, suggesting that "we'll see if Minnesota still wants a football team" after the Vikings "inevitable" rough season to come.


  1. Smith can bite me. Who is he anyhow? Never heard of him.

  2. Agree. This team is gonna suck and the fans are gonna be pissed as always. They better the palace approved now while people still drinking the Kalil-Aid. Come 4th game next season the fans will be wanting to burn Winter Park to the ground.