Thursday, July 19, 2012

Colts ink No. 1 pick QB Luck

Colts signed No. 1 overall pick QB Andrew Luck to a four-year, $22.1 million contract. It's slightly more than last year's top pick, Cam Newton, who settled for $22.025 million over four years, including a similar $14.5 million signing bonus. As is the case with Robert Griffin III, Luck's contract contains no offset language, ensuring that it is fully guaranteed.

Luck and Griffin3's contracts were essentially what was causing the holdup of the other (now) 12 unsigned first-round picks — including Vikings' first-round selection Matt Kalil — as the players' representatives waited for the contracts of the two top selections to set the market value. Common sense would infer that Kalil should now sign shortly since he was the third selection overall, but there has been some reported language barriers in the contracts between Kalil and the Vikings. 

Nonetheless, the Vikings expect Kalil to be signed in time for the beginning of training camp. The team reports to Mankato on July 26. 

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