Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Vikings WR Jerome Simpson suspended for three games

Vikings receiver Jerome Simpson will be on the shelf for the first three games of 2012, suspended by the league for "violating the NFL Policy and Program for Substances of Abuse," Dan Wiederer of the Star Tribune reports.

The NFL released a statement on the punishment today and revealed that Simpson will also be fined an additional game check.

Simpson's suspension is in connection with an incident last fall during which authorities intercepted a package on its way from California to the receiver's residence in Kentucky. The package was found to contain 2.5 pounds of marijuana. Authorities later entered Simpson's home and found additonal marijuana plus drug parapharnelia.

Simpson was arrested and originally indicted on a felony drug trafficking charge. He later plead to a lesser felony charge of being involved in a prohibited act relating to controlled substances.

Simpson spent 15 days in jail in early April. Shortly after he was released he visited the Vikings and signed with the team just before the NFL Draft, prompting Vikings offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave to proclaim that he is "just what the doctor ordered."

Musgrave, no doubt, believes that Simpson is the ideal candidate to run his "Blazer Formation."


  1. this reefer addict fits right in on this team! what kind of influence is he going to have on Harvin? Spielman probably didnt tink of that!!

  2. Blazer formation.. ha-ha!! He does sound like he'd excel there!