Sunday, June 3, 2012

Blackmon's career off to intoxicating start

There were those Viking fans that wanted the Purple to select Oklahoma State WR Justin Blackmon with their third overall pick (not to mention any names). They were also quite a few fans that were nervous that the home team just might do that. 

With politically-correct journalism again in full force for this year's draft coverage, it was nearly impossible to find anything the least bit critical said or written about Blackmon other than he wasn't at the same level as Calvin Johnson or A.J. Green when those two were coming out. The media occasionally would reference "off-the-field issues" without going into detail, but mostly Blackmon was given a free pass as to character issues which actually plaqued him his entire while at OSU.

In October of 2010, Blackmon was arrested for DUI. He had other alcohol-related issues in high school, but because he was a juvenile at the time, no details could be ascertained.

As it related directly to football, Blackmon was caught on camera numerous times over the years arguing on the sidelines with teammates and coaches. When he wasn't getting the ball he would go into pout-mode a la Randy Moss, and it was "rumored" that he would often fake injuries to get out of practicing (along those lines). He then raised eyebrows immediately after his college career unofficially came to a close following OSU's victory over Stanford in the 2012 Fiesta Bowl when, in lieu of flying back and celebrating with his teammates, Blackmon flew to Las Vegas instead.

None of these red flags made a bit of difference to his draft stock -- at least not to the Jacksonville Jaguars who traded up with Tampa Bay in order to select Blackmon fifth overall.

Well, here it is but one month after the draft and Blackmon has already been arrested on another alcohol-related offense.

As initially reported by Tulsaworld, Blackmon was arrested on a complaint of aggravated DUI early Sunday in Stillwater, according to the Payne County Jail. He was booked into jail about 10 a.m. but no further details were immediately available.

According to Oklahoma law, aggravated DUI is defined as the driver's blood-alcohol level being at .15.

Because Blackmon has yet to sign a contract with Jacksonville, the Jaguars may -- if they haven't already -- insist on adding contractual provisions which protect the organization should these "lapses of judgement" continue in the future. But, then again, they were stupid enough to draft the miscreant to begin with, so it is possible that they are unaware that such stipulations are in fact permitted during contract negotiations.

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  1. Idiot! Surprised Spielman didn't draft this wart.