Monday, July 9, 2012

Way to "break" that news, Woodward!

ESPN's Adam Schefter tweeted on Friday that Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin does not plan to hold-out of Vikings training camp which begins in Mankato on July 26.

It's possible that Schefter didn't think that we were capable of breaking Percy's encrypted parlance when Harvin himself tweeted "see you in Mankato" following last month's mandatory three-day minicamp. Luckily for us, Schefter had a "team source" who was able to solve the mystery wrapped inside of an enigma by confirming that by "see you in Mankato," Harvin actually meant that he would see us in Mankato because he intends to report to camp despite whatever concerns he had with the team that prompted his hissy fit.
It's also possible, I surmise, Schefter thought that after a couple of weeks having surpassed since Harvin tweeted the aforesaid "brain twister" to all the "real vikes fans" that we had all forgotten it by now.
Either way, Football Nation ought to be truly thankful having Schefter in it's corner to keep us apprised of the obvious.

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  1. Of course Schefter's "team source" was no other than Harvin's tweet. What a boob!