Monday, May 28, 2012

Top Ten Unreported Draft Headlines: #10

It was one month ago that the 2012 NFL Draft concluded. Here begins the top ten draft-related headlines which did not get nearly the attention they rightfully deserved starting with #10: 

The city of New Orleans rates among the best in draft viewership.

What does the NFL Draft have in common with Schrek, Bill O'Reilly, wrestling and a pawn shop? Apparently nothing. First-round coverage of the 2012 NFL Draft drew a combined total viewership of 25.3 million viewers on ESPN and NFL Network, according to The Nielsen Company. The draft was the top-rated cable program of the week with 6.67 million people watching, and it really wasn't close.

Its viewership blew away popular cable-based shows like the O'Reilly Factor, WWE, Pawn Stars, as well as the NBA playoffs. 

And the most intriguing number within the numbers was that New Orleans ranked sixth among metered markets despite the Saints not having a first-round draft pick (traded to Patriots), nor a second (forfeited: bounty-gate). There is no confirmation hitherto whether New Orleans was actually watching the broadcasts or just listening in on them.

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