Thursday, April 26, 2012

Vikings trade back into first round

As I posted earlier, the rumors began to circulate almost immediately after they selected Matt Kalil with the fourth overall pick, that the Vikings were in fact interested in moving back into the first-round using as collateral some of the additional draft picks they acquired via their first-round trade with Cleveland. 

The Vikings gave up the 35th overall pick in the second-round draft pick, as well as the 98th overall pick in the fourth-round in order to move up into Baltimore's 29th pick of the first-round to select Notre Dame safety Harrison Smith.

The Vikings were rumored to have interest in Smith -- in fact, Pioneer Press columnist Charley Walters and the Star Tribune's Sid Hartman wrote several weeks ago that the Vikings would not pass on Smith. 

The question now is whether they needed to trade up to draft Smith... and what it just may say about the organization that both Walters and Hartman got it right.


  1. Stupid pick! Why trade up? Not another team that needed a safety before them. Spielman's an idiot!

  2. They needed a safety. Can't argue with the pick.