Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spielman says trade talk for third pick "heating up"

Just two days before the NFL Draft begins, Vikings general manager Rick Spielman stayed on message Tuesday during a press conference at Winter Park. The Vikings are far from attached to their No. 3 pick, more than willing to discuss trade offers from any and all interested teams.

And curiosity around the league, Spielman reports, is percolating according to Dan Wiederer of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

“That front has really heated up over the last 24 hours,” he said. “And I’m sure it will continue to heat up as we head for Thursday night.”

Spielman said it would take an offer “almost too good to be true” to finalize a trade before the draft begins. Instead, the Vikings are likely to take a more patient approach.

“I really believe in being patient and settling and seeing what comes to you,” Spielman said. “[We’re] not soliciting, going out there and making calls. There have been X amount of teams that have already started to call. Everything’s intriguing this time of year.”

 If Rick Spielman wants to generate trade discussion he really needs to work on his approach.  It has been widely reported by the local media that the moment the press conference commenced Spielman set the agenda, and without a question being asked, immediately proclaimed of trade talk "heating up."  Even if he is being truthful -- and there is a good chance that he is if only because telephones always start ringing days before the draft -- by standing in front of the media and immediately initiating talk about the possibility of a trade makes him look desperate for a trade -- and NFL GM's are likely to see through it. 

 Spielman would be wise not to get too greedy at a time when the roster is in such need of rebuilding.


  1. such a effing moron!! Why didn't he just walk up to the podium with a guitar and hat to take donations with as he stood twanging away and singing about someone needing to trade up? If Im the Bucs I'm rolling in laughter seeing Spielman's performance today.

  2. He should have just said we're noy gonna trade.. you know reverse psycho. People always want what they cant have-the calls would have been lining up then. Spielwoman would probably have had his ringer off though.