Friday, April 13, 2012

PA's "SOD"

In what just may be the most important draft in the history of the franchise, the Vikings should find it comforting -- flattering, really -- that there is no shortage of fans, draftniks, and armchair GM's ready to offer at every stage of the draft process their thoughts, advice, and ultimatums on who the purple-clad home team ought to draft. None has been better at this over the years than KFAN radio personality and Vikings play-by-play man Paul Allen. It never comes as a shock when "PA" endorses vertiginously draft prospects he believes are capable of improving the team. Yet, it is astonishing to hear him do so while admitting as well that his knowledge of the prospect he is endorsing is... well, somewhat limited. Blogging on KFAN's webite, Allen offered this regarding South Carolina wide-receiver Alshon Jeffrey:

"This scouting report -- which is pretty solid -- paints him as a 'boom-or-bust' type. I can see that, even though I never have seen him play a full game.  But he's a guy who plays outside, and if handled the right way could be the steal of the draft." 

The scouting report Allen cites is by Cory J. Bonini of, not quite considered one of your elite analytical minds in a vocation where none might exist regardless. But, to truly appreciate the chutzpah of Allen's assertion that Jeffrey could be the "steal of the draft" despite having admitted that he never saw him play an entire game, one but needs only to realize that whomever the Vikings end up selecting will consequently be touted by Allen as the "potential steal of the draft."  And, on that basis alone, Jeffrey hardly has many sleepless nights ahead anguishing over how he is ever to live up to Allen's hype.

On a few other matters, Allen offers these opinions:

  • That his congressional representative is doing a fabulous job... despite not knowing a single policy he/she advocates;  
  •  That the "Best Kept Secret" in town is the konditorei down the street... because it smells good when he drives past it each day;
  •  That a great time to be had while on Spring Break can be found at Rosarito Beach in North Baja... even though he has never been there;
  • And if you should ever find yourself enjoying a cocktail at the neighborhood pub on a Friday night, make sure you tell the bartender that "PA says wassup"... even though they've never met. 

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