Thursday, April 26, 2012

Adam Schefter on Potential Trades

Adam Schefter reported on ESPN's SportsCenter draft special Thursday that the Jaguars have "made some calls to move up" with under five hours left before the first round.

The Jaguars were known to be infatuated with Trent Richardson as early as the Senior Bowl in January, although those rumors have been nonexistent of late. The player whom Jacksonville might be targeting is unclear, if it's not the Alabama back. It might also be Justin Blackmon or Mo Claiborne. Per Schefter, there are six teams that have shown interest in trading up in the draft. They are the Jags, Eagles, Patriots, Chargers, Packers, and Bills.


  1. The Jags are intriquing. It is conceivable that you could still get Blackmon at #7... maybe Kalil even. You gotta get a second rounder back though. With Spielman's "record" in the third round don't think tht you can count on him getting shit with a extra 3.

    1. Ex

      Rams are taking JB.